EARTH DAY ART CONTEST 2019 - Click to get hopping!

Earth Day 2019

🌎 AGE GROUPS One winner will be chosen from each age group:
Tadpoles (0-8 years old)
Froglets (9-15 years old)
Frogs (16+ years old)

🌎 THEME This year's theme, Protect Our Friends, is all about protecting our earth and our animal friends who live here. In particular, we are recognizing Sea Turtles this year.

🌎 STARTER PAGE Use your creativity to show the importance of Earth Day and what Earth Day means to you. Don't recreate Beau or Honu - I'm providing them for you on a starter page that must be included in your final art submission. Color crayons, paints, water color, digital, paper crafting, etc. Whatever medium you choose, the only rule is that you must use the provided starter page. You can print the starter page if you are using a physical medium or you can simply use the starter page as your background if you're using a digital medium.

🌎 SUBMISSIONS When you've finished, take a good, well-lit and centered photo so we can see your work clearly. To submit your work for the contest, post the photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to include all of the following in your post:
** Your name (your first name and last initial is fine)
** Your age group (you don't have to tell us your age, just your category - Tadpoles, Froglets or Frogs)
** Tag me @robkazart (so I can find your entry)
** Use hashtag #BeauDoesEarthDay
** Please be sure your post is public (we can't see or share if your post is private).
All entries will appear here on my website so be sure to come back and look at all the artists!

🌎 DEADLINE Be sure to submit your contest entry by April 21, 2019 by midnight (Eastern time). The following day, Earth Day 2019, three winners will be selected, one from each age group! Winners will be announced on Social Media in a live video and posted here on my website (along with their artwork).

🌎 PRIZE As you might know, many areas of Florida are cutting back or even banning single-use plastic straws in restaurants since straws can end up in the ocean and are a legitimate threat to sea turtles. The prize for 2019 is a reusable straw and case featuring Honu the sea turtle!

🌎 THE OBVIOUS STUFF Please keep all entries appropriate to Earth Day and uplifting in the spirit of the celebration. Inappropriate entries (as deemed by me and my team) will not be considered and will not appear on my website. Beau the frog is my own, original character and he is trademarked - no distribution and my signature must remain on the starter page. This year includes Honu, also a trademarked original character.

🌎 GET HOPPING! OK! Pretty simple, right? Click below to download or print the PDF starter page and get hopping! Start submitting asap!