Giclees are fine art reproductions with enhanced collectability. Unlike originals, giclees can be scaled down in size to fit the wall you've chosen to hang your artwork. Giclees are limited editions, signed by the artist and are available with or without framing.

Originals & Giclees

My originals and limited-edition giclees are available exclusively through licensed fine art galleries and Disney parks. Check my LOCATIONS page to find a gallery near you. If you are not located near a gallery, don't worry! Call any of my galleries to find out about availability of work. As a bonus, some of them ship for free. 


Collectibles are open edition (not numbered), smaller version of giclees that are not retouched nor dedicated - they can be on canvas or on art paper. You can buy these directly through my website. Check for what is currently available. 

Art on Merchandise

Enjoy your morning coffee with a Beau & Friends mug! Totes, hats, calendars & other merchandise featuring my work can be found on my SHOP page. Be sure to look for my art book, too!
Absolutely! Check out this article I made to answer some of your questions about Commissions:
My studio is not public ... my studio is in my home. Having a home studio allows me to spend quality time with my family (wife and dogs), but does create a need for privacy. For that reason, I don't accept visits to my studio at this time. I hope to have a second (public) studio in the near future.
Yes! When you purchase a limited-edition giclee from a gallery, the giclee will be numbered and then signed personally before you receive it.


I paint with oils on canvas. My favorite brand is Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors.
Beauregard the frog is a character that has been with me since early in my art career and appears in every painting I create (except those that existed before Beau did). You can learn more fun tidbits about Beau by visiting my BEAU & FRIENDS page.
No. I'm not sure how this rumor got started, but it's definitely not true.
Yes! This one is true. I'm working with a talented team of folks who is helping make this dream a reality. Watch my social media for updates!


There is no easy answer and every artist has their own story of how they became licensed to paint Disney. Because I get asked this a lot (A LOT), I wrote an article to help answer questions, erase myths and encourage others who want to one day have their own license to paint Disney films and characters. Please go read it on my blog HERE.
Art is subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To each his own.

Surely you've heard these ideas before. And you know what? They're all true. Each of us has our own tastes ... our own likes and dislikes.

That's why we have millions of fashion designers, multitudes of writers and a world full of artists all creating different works in different styles that appeal to different audiences.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't like my art. My style is not for everyone and I'm ok with that. But, I know there are certainly people with whom I do have similar aesthetics and tastes in art.

For these reasons, I prefer not to offer critiques. Who am I to judge?

Instead of asking others their opinions of your work, ask yourself if you have room for improvement. Ask yourself if you can do something that would, in your opinion, be better this time than the last. Ask yourself if your work is a true reflection of your best efforts.

And just keep painting or drawing or digitally creating or whatever your artistic medium. Sure, it's ok to be happy when others take notice of your skill. I'm certainly not saying that you shouldn't care what other people think. I'm just saying that opinions differs from person to person and that we simply can't give more weight to those opinions that our own.

Can you imagine the critiques Van Gogh had? He was widely considered unsuccessful during his lifetime and yet his works are today associated with the foundations of modern art.
The short answer is no. The long answer is that you could watch my social media and learn. To help deliver content specifically to my artist followers, I've started a Facebook group where I post more detailed videos of my process (that might otherwise bore the followers who are not artists). I'm creating and uploading content in anticipation of a Fall 2018 release - stay tuned for details.